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Nutritional Retreat

Nutritional Retreat founded on sattvic principles.

Amraness Resort, we not only care for our guests’ food but their food habits. Not just what but how and when we eat. Sattvic diet promotes food habits that is pure, essential, natural, energy-giving. Explore different choices of our delicious, premium, nutritional meal plans.

Gir Safari

A Golden Opportunity to See the Rare Asiatic Lion

When in Sasan, you must pay tribute to the King of the Jungle – the rare Asiatic Lion! Sasan Gir is not only home to the last of the Asiatic lions in the world, but also hosts a myriad of exotic flora and fauna. Discover the wildlife of Sasan on a safari in an open jeep ride accompanied by a personal guide.

Banej & Kankei

A Journey of Marvel and Folklore

This safari en route to the ancient temples of Banej and Kankei enshrined within the forest will take you through the scenic landscapes of Sasan Gir. Breath-taking views along the meandering Shingvada river and wildlife sightings will motivate the photographer and enthrall the nature lover within you.

Rail Safari

A Narrow Gauge Forest Trail to Kansiya Nes

A unique meter-gauge rail journey takes you through the forests of Sasan to Kansiya Nes. A nes is a typical dwelling of the Maldhari community of Sasan. This visit gives you an opportunity to get an exclusive glimpse of the Maldharis’ unique lifestyle and their co-existence with the last lions of India.

Woods Safari Lunch

A Culinary Experience in the Forest

A curated culinary experience that takes a simple traditional luncheon to the next level. Set amidst a clearing in the forest surrounding the resort, lunch is prepared on a wood fire and served on the spot. Enjoy the fresh, local delicacies of Sasan seated on a charpoy whilst listening to the melodious music of a live flute recital.

Nature Walk

A Guided Bird Watching Trip

Take a guided trip through the forest paths to spot the amazing birdlife that Sasan offers – over 300 species of birds, many of them migratory and rare. Our guide is a naturalist who excels in the art of birding and is knowledgeable about the biodiversity of Sasan.

Village Day Out

Engage with the Locals and Discover the Culture of Sasan

A private drive will take you to a nearby Sasan village where you can interact with the locals and be introduced to their unique lifestyle. Explore their indigenous culture as they include you in their daily activities starting with traditional refreshments.

Somnath Darshan

Of Heritage and Holy Pilgrimage

Somanth, the very first of the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a 45 km drive away from Sasan. Apart from a special tour of this famous pilgrimage site, our curated tour also includes a visit to the Bhalka Tirth temple, where Lord Krishna is believed to have left for his heavenly abode.

A Vintage Tea Tale

A Riverside Excursion

A vintage car ride to an idyllic spot along the merrily-flowing Hiran river, sipping freshly brewed tea whilst resting your gaze on the scenic surroundings, lends a royal feel to this one-of-a-kind excursion at Woods at Sasan.

Barbecue Under the Stars

A Unique Culinary Experience

A culinary experience with all the flavours of private dining. While soft ambient music plays in the background, our chef creates culinary delights that are roasted to perfection and suited to your palate while your private butler waits on you.

Memoirs of Junagadh

A Day of Heritage and Culture

Take a trip back in time while visiting the historical city of Junagadh – from inscriptions of the era of Ashoka the Great to the unique blend of Indo-Islamic and Gothic architecture to the finest of British Raj reminisces. Our personalised trip also includes a visit to the Wellington Dam, Bordevi Temple, and the famous Darbar Hall Museum.

Gir Safari Discover


When in Sasan, enjoy Sasan to the fullest. Build your day with Activities at the resort - all in the outdoors, all in the fresh bracing forest air.